3rd Party Logistics

Koliousis Transport provides high added value services to its partners including integrated logistics and supply chain solutions.

Modern industry demands something more than a plain transport. It demands integrated transport of goods, from raw materials to finished products. Koliousis Transport has the capability to offer these services based on our modern equipment as well as on personnel. 

Koliousis Transport offers the following services to its customers, as a result of systematic analysis and collaboration with our customers:

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  • Transport, storage and distribution as a 3PL
  • Storage space of 3.000 m2 indoor and 15,000 m2 open for either temporary or for long periodstorage
  • Dedicated storage space available exclusively for your company
  • Storage racks and collection/delivery under LIFO / FIFO / other methods
  • Cargo handling
  • Picking and order management
  • Palletizing/unitizing
  • Packaging and re-packaging
  • Labeling
  • On line monitoring of stored/transported goods
  • Receiving / sending electronic invoicing files
  • Cross docking
  • Returns Management – reverse logistics
  • Insurance coverage
  • Workstation provision
  • Statistics