Human Resources

Koliousis Transport pays close attention to both the equipment as well as the personnel employed. Owning technologically advanced vehicle equipment is purposeless without proper training of our employees and our partners. Thus, taking into account that quality service provision begins with the employees interacting with our customers and by all means with their customers, we invest in them. This is achieved in two ways; the first being training. We regularly invite experienced practitioners and professors from academia and the research community in the area of transportation, logistics and supply chain management, to train our employees. 

Furthermore the friendly environment that prevails in the company fosters personal improvement. As a consequence, the Koliousis Transport team gives solutions in almost any transportation problem that puzzles our customers' mind. The excellent know-how that we have gained along with our competent and skillful staff can excel in every transport situation.

The company’s academic background appears in the following diagram:


Our goal is to employ talented people, and through training, increase their effectiveness and efficiency, resulting in tangible improvement of the value offered to our customers. 

Koliousis Transport offers a transitional phase where the employees are trained (vocationally and through lectures) in the specific department that they will be working.